With millions of people working from home since the start of the COVID pandemic, there has been a rise in people experiencing symptoms of dry eye disease. This rise in dry eye disease is linked to the increased use of electronic gadgets.

While dry eye disease is typically found in adults, children are now reporting symptoms of dry eye disease. Eye care practitioners report a jump of nearly 30-40 percent of new dry eye cases in the past year.

Symptoms of dry eye include, eye pain, eye fatigue, sandy feeling in the eyes and temporary blurring of vision. Ophthalmologists stress the importance of taking frequent breaks from looking at digital screens as well as using proper lighting, proper posture and good hydration.

Treatment of symptoms can include lubricating eye drops, oral medications to treat any underlying conditions contributing to the symptoms as well as using special equipment to stimulate the lipid-producing glands in the eye. 

In addition, many dry eye sufferers find relief of their symptoms by taking one of Dr. Krawitz's formulas for dry eye symptoms: Quench or Dry Eye Relief TG-1000.


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